Who We Are

Terry Jones DSc, FPEM, FmedSci, MD (h.c)

A physicist who has been involved in the development and applications of cyclotron produced positron emitting radioisotopes since 1968

Using the positron emitting radioisotope O-15 undertook the world’s first imaging of human brain metabolism in 1973

Explored pre-PET clinical research studies which provided the case for initiating Positron Emission Tomography in the UK

Pioneered brain functional imaging in the UK

Led on the introduction of PET in the UK in 1979 at the Medical Research Council’s Cyclotron Unit at Hammersmith Hospital

Led on the research proposals for the MRC’s Quinquenial reviews of the Cyclotron Unit’s funding up to 1997

Introduced advanced PET methodology especially on scanner performance

Fostered clinical research applications of PET in neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, oncology and pulmonary

Developed the concept of the “Imaging Science of PET” as a inter-disciplinary activity  when he was the first to coin the term “Molecular Imaging” in 1996

Presented the TED Talk “Seeing Inside the Human Brain”

An opinion leader on the future challenges facing PET

Visiting Professor at The Davis School of Medicine since September 2013

Over 300 scientific publications

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Pat Price MA, MD, FRCR, FRCP

A clinician and recognized expert in gastrointestinal oncology treatment; active in PET research since 1990

Pioneered the use of PET molecular imaging for micro-dosing pharmacokinetic and pharmacokinetic studies of new cancer agents. Has one of the best insights into the potential of the application of this technology for oncology drug development

Established the European Organization for the Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Functional Imaging group developing strategic links between oncologists and imagers and guidelines for PET in clinical trials

Networked research collaborations with leading academic cancer researchers and service deliverers in the UK

Established the Academic Department of Radiation Oncology at the Christie Hospital, Manchester

Established the UK’s only nationwide charity dedicated to improving Radiotherapy Treatments – Action Radiotherapy.

President of the British Oncological Association 2002-2004

Co-Editor of the standard UK oncology textbook ‘Treatment of Cancer’, now in its 6th edition

Member of the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise oncology subcommittee.

Recognized opinion leader in PET based molecular imaging in cancer and advanced radiotherapy Cancer World profile. Pat Price: asking the right questions

Visiting Professor in the Division of Surgery within the Department of Surgery and Cancer Imperial College London

Over 200 scientific publications

Terry Jones and Pat Price:

  • Worked together at the MRC Cyclotron Unit on the Hammersmith Hospital campus of Imperial College London undertaking advanced applications of PET in oncology 1990-2000
  • Conceived and established the PET based Wolfson Molecular Imaging Center at the University of Manchester 2000-2007. This facility is considered to be one of the most advanced of its type internationally www.wmic.manchester.ac.uk
  • Terry is a visiting Professor at the University of California, Davis
  • Both have undertaken advisory projects separately and together for other existing/proposed PET centers/industries
  • Co-authors of “Development and experimental medicine applications of PET in oncology: a historical perspective”
  • Their fuller C.V.s, publications and grant funding are available on request