How We Work

Ways of working with the Organization

Agreeing a brief for the advice work to be undertaken would take the form of a proposal upon which a contractual agreement can be drawn up.

Advisory work could include:

Providing options and choices to the respective leaders charged with developing or establishing the PET program. This ideally would rest on one to one facilitating discussions with members of an organization’s academic/research/operations staff. These could serve to help identify clinical research questions and explore potential contribution to and use of the PET facility. The outcome would aim at developing a consensus for an organization’s research portfolio. This could rest for example on a SWOT analysis focusing on balancing an organization’s clinical research ambitions with methodological support leading to a gap analysis and action plan. A two stage approach could be envisaged where the first phase covers defining the strategy and the second phase helps in its implementation.

To complement this analysis and period of consensus forming, the Company could hold seminars on the future for PET based molecular imaging for translational research. It could also provide access to expert advisors e.g. in cyclotron/radiochemistry, pre-clinical development, scanning instrumentation, data analysis and operations and identify possible collaborative partnerships. Scientific reviews of research programs and proposals could be undertaken to help develop future plans.

Advice could be given on practical issues concerned with establishing the production and clinical research application of short lived positron emitting radioisotopes. This could include the design of the PET scanning/cyclotron/radiochemistry facilities and project management of establishing a PET research facility. Where appropriate, the Company could help implement some of the actions in taking the program forward.

Where appropriate the Company could define its role  for ongoing advice.